The Beginning

We had just returned to the Seven-Pillared Hall after clearing out the labyrinth. We entered the rare item shop and found the owner reading a letter that was in a package from a friend. He asks if we would mind helping out a friend of his, Vesper Demoneye, who is an innkeeper at the Red Devil Inn in the city of Lightharbor.

The Shopkeeper told us that in order to get to Lightharbor we would need to travel east from the Seven-Pillared Hall to the Dwarven city of Hammerfast. From there we would need to continue on to the coast where we would find Lightharbor.

We told the Shopkeeper that we would go and assist his friend. We then headed over to the stables to get some trusty steeds to speed us on our way. When we entered the stable shop, we found the gentleman poring over a letter and looking at a box that was on his desk. Since the fellow looked extremely befuzzled we asked if there was anything we could do to help. He explained that his friend had sent him this package as part of a competition between each other to try to outwit each other, but that this one had him stumped.

He showed us the box and we could see that there was an grid of recesses in the surface of the lid where you could arrange some colored stones on it. There were also several dwarven letters along the top and left side of the grid.

After some deliberation we were able to determine that the grid was a representation of several notes on the guitar and where the fingers would be positioned. As we laid the last stone into position, the box popped open. Inside the box there was an Instant Campsite. The stable hand gave us the instant campsite as thanks for helping him to solve this riddle. He also gave us a discount on the horses that we bought for our travels.

We then began our journey through the woods. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long until we stumbled on a group of owlbears in a clearing in the woods. The owlbears charged at us and pretty much had us surrounded. But not for long. Chali took one of the owlbears and teleported with it to the other side, isolating it from the rest of us. Keira ran around the group to try to get a flanking position, while Erevan teleported over to get a good position.

The owlbears took longer to defeat than we originally thought. We almost lost Greggory. After defeating the owlbears, we continued on our journey.



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